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Good intellectual functioning requires the ability to harness one's emotions and utilize them in a constructive manner.

16 factors that influences people's intelligence

Drugs taken by mothers can have tragic effects on the unborn child. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

The debate aims to examine to what extent human development is influenced by our genetic inheritance nature and by external environmental influences nurture. The second aspect consists of the application of these processes and representations to the external world.

An equally plausible interpretation, however, is that the student does not understand the words or is unable to read them in the first place. Underlying most cognitive approaches to intelligence is the assumption that intelligence comprises mental representations such as propositions or images of information and processes that can operate on such representations.

But the case is not an open-and-shut one, especially if intelligence is viewed as something more than the mere processing of information. Brain-wave studies A second front of biological research has involved the use of brain-wave recordings. The environmental factors cc of the influence of parents, family, friends, schooling, society, culture, and all other experiences to which the child is exposed right from the moment of conception.

But the findings showed that when the socioeconomic status of both biological and adoptive parents is equal, the IQs of adopted children do not rise; instead, it is found to be more similar to their biological parents. Drugs taken by mothers can have tragic effects on the unborn child.

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American Journal of Psychology, 15, — His intellectual skills place him as the most superior species in the animal kingdom. Physical injury to the brain during early childhood years is likely to result in minimal brain damage thus seriously restricting the development of intellectual faculty.

This kind of learning, reasoning, and solving problems continues throughout adulthood. Parent-Child interaction Parents are the first teachers for the child. Blood-flow studies A third and more recent front of research involves the measurement of blood flow in the brain, which is a fairly direct indicator of functional activity in brain tissue.

Thus, irrespective of genetic make adults should carefully monitor child's environment to help him perform at optimal efficiency level. But other researchers have shown that early intellectual retardation can be overcome by providing adequate enriched environmental experiences Kagan, Many of the intellectual processes either develop slowly or do not develop at all in children, who do not attend schools.

The condition will not develop with less severity. This then suggests that although IQ is a well-established method of measuring intelligence, its results may only be measuring a narrow concept of intelligence Flynn, An effect of nature-As we all know that personality development is a lifelong process.

The first aspect comprises the cognitive processes and representations that form the core of all thought. The genetic code provides the base on which phenotype grows and manifests. The consequences may be devastating to such an extent that later environmental enrichment programs for the child may totally ineffective.

Man is distinctively different from the lower species of animals because of his ability in controlling the environment he lives in. Both heredity and environment are important, it is unwise to determine their relative influence. Rath, Dash and Dash reported the adverse effects of social class on intellectual reasoning.

The Project Head Start in the year in USA provided compensatory education on social skill, and special intellectual training.

The program was initially effective in raising the IQs of children coming from the disadvantaged homes in slum areas. Therefore, intelligent behavior includes all forms of cognitive behavior such as attending, perceiving, learning, memorizing, thinking and predicting.

The most reasonable conclusion is that differential abilities are the products of some combination of genetic and environmental factors. Applications of nature and nurture Nature Drug therapies treat the behavioural and psychological problems.

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First, it has not been proved that a truly general ability encompassing all mental abilities actually exists. The scientist claimed it is possible to raise the child regardless of its race.

However, a large majority of the evidence investigating environmental influence in relation to intelligence comes from adoption studies. It is clear that parents must make sure that they create secure environment.

The differences are so much that some change the course of human civilization through their intellectual innovations, a few others even find it difficult to master a problem simple addition. 16 factors that influences people's intelligence.

Influential Factors of Human Intelligence - Human intelligence is an enigma that continues to intrigue scientists around the world after its inception with the creation of humanity. development? In fact, human intelligence is not solely influenced by heredity.

Non-genetic factors, for example the environment, encompass not only the physical, chemical and biological principles of intelligence, but also the numerous social and psychological ones that shape healthy development.

Is intelligence nature or nurture Essay Sample The statement ‘nature trumps nurture’ is referring to the nature versus nurture debate that has been ongoing in psychology since its origin.

Human intelligence

The debate aims to examine to what extent human development is influenced by our genetic inheritance (nature) and by external environmental influences. Human intelligence is influenced by two factors, nature and nurture. Nature and nurture are both important factors that shape human intelligence.

However, one has a more significant effect than the other. It is imperative to recognize the more important factor of the two in order to better understand intelligence and its development. Human intelligence, mental quality that consists of the abilities to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand and handle abstract concepts, and .

Influential factors of human intelligence essay
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