Good attention grabbers for persuasive essays for kids

This moves the audience from passive readers to active doers. Describe a scene from the book you're examining that epitomizes a theme or embodies the central conceit. One of the keys to being an effective writer is remembering your audience, keeping them in mind, understanding that the best audience is one that takes an active rather than passive role in reading what it is that you are trying to get across.

Jaguars are the third largest cat species in the world and the largest in the Americas. Here, once again, the confusion can be avoided by incorporating those three 3 patterns of development into the thesis statement. You forgot to study, and are dreading those tests. Not every student is a victim of bullying, but every student should care about stopping bullying.

She has worked in professional publishing and news reporting in print and broadcast journalism. Do not make announcement. If you are writing to a politically conservative audience, then you might want to open with a quote from a noted conservative. Whether it's because there simply isn't the time or the decision is already made beforehand, that essay you've worked so hard on, unfortunately, may not be read at all.

She has written for MacMurray College and has experience writing about education, sewing and crafts, health care and religious topics. Even government officials admit that forcing New Yorkers to register their guns will be a tough sell, and they are apparently aware that massive non-compliance will be the order of the day.

You just won the lottery.

Starting with Hooks for Essays

Ways of Approaching Written DiscourseDr. As many As as possible. Don't be surprised if you feel a little carried away by the world you're constructing -- and know that if you feel that way, chances are your reader will, too.


If, on the other hand, you are directing your message to a teenaged readership based in the urban core, you might want to open with a quote from the socially conscious lyrics by one of the leading rap artists or groups.

Read bypeople Date: We had cereal together in the kitchen. Audiences love good stories, those that have a core, a sensibility. A good essay intro acomplishes one or more of the following things: Quotation Using a quote as an attention-getter can lend credibility to your essay.

Use Comparisons Using comparisons is a good way to make complicated concepts seem more simple and easily understood.

If you have more of a direct style, instead of writing an anecdote meant to stir up questions in your reader, you may choose to just present them with a question. As he pounded on the door, the room shook. The best quotes are those drawn from popular culture, from the social literature the general public i.

For those of you, though, who see writing as a means to affect social attitudes and change the way people view issues and one anotherperhaps what I have to say will help jar some now thoughts into existence.

Rhetorical Question A rhetorical question is one whose answer is not necessary to understand the asker's point. Do not make announcement. Read bypeople Date: This article is based upon my own experiences as a writer and in the classroom — and I do this as someone whose ability and love for writing enabled me to move up out of the Jordan Downs Housing Projects in South central Los Angeles, pass through Harvard, Stanford and Antioch Universities, and settle into a position where I can now share my love for the craft and love of writing itself with others.

To Simmons and Priestley, in particular, I give a heartfelt thanks for continuing the Watts Writers Workshop tradition of which we were all part of. Shocking Statistic One way to grab the attention of your reader is by implementing a statistic that's relevant to your essay's topic and is rather surprising to your reader.

Imagine a time that fits your position.

The Thesis Statement

Where would you go. Introduction About the Author Goody Clairenstein has been a writer since When using this gambit, it is very effective to state these questions as a series of one-liners i.


Write now, as you read this, you are flying through space at a speed of 67, mph. Join over one million monthly readers and receive breaking news, strategies, ideas and commentary.

Make sure your sources are accurate and reliable, and always cross-check them to make sure. Before you worry about attention-grabbers, you need to have a solid, realistic argument. Once you think deeply about your argument and isolate whatever you think it’s most distinctive or compelling about it, then you can think about an introduction that complements the argument.

Hook – Lead – Attention Grabber Beginning an essay with an effective Hook is absolutely essential! The hook is what inspires the reader to continue on and really „want‟ to read the paper. An attention-grabber with good potential for success is a quote from someone notable or relevant to the topic of your essay.

A quote used at the beginning of a piece of writing is called an "epigraph.". This kind of attention grabber works well with literary analyses and persuasive essays.

An interesting statistic related to your topic can be a powerful way to show your reader why your essay is.

When structuring paragraphs, essays and other compositions that work for the reader – and keep in mind that when writing for the public, that audience always comes first!

Education with Integrity

– consideration must be given to capturing and then holding the attention of the reader. You accomplish this by using the opening gambits or strategies that I have.

reader’s attention without a good hook? The first sentence of an essay is often overlooked by writers, but readers depend on it to set the tone for the whole essay. Writing a good hook isn’t always easy, but it is an important skill to learn if you want to write effectively.

Attention grabber Thesis Background information.

Good attention grabbers for persuasive essays for kids
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