Effects of sleep deprivation essay

On average, adults need seven to eight hours, were teens and children need an average of nine hours of sleep to feel well rested 1.

But missing out on the recommended 7 to 9 hours of shut-eye nightly does more than make you feel groggy and grumpy. However, in a long-term perspective, the health effects are much worse: Many older adults with chronic delayed sleep phase syndrome often lament that behavioral treatments do little to nothing for them.

These hormones help build muscle mass and repair cells and tissues. Insulin controls your blood sugar level.

How can I get enough sleep?

Staying awake until the early hours of the morning, of course leads to a higher tendency to sleep-in late. Is it getting in the way of your life. For testosterone production, you need at least three hours of uninterrupted sleep, which is about the time of your first REM episode.

Sleep enables the body to produce hormones essential to childhood growth and development and health maintenance in adults. Learning has to do with increased theta waves.

The infant also loses a feature of infant sleep known as active sleep, in which there is a lot of body movement. Young infants do not have long, continuous episodes of sleep.

The test showed little alterations in the data. There is a study that looked at brain activity while the day progressed, then that night the brain activity was also looked at, they found that similar brain activity was replicated from daytime activity and was found during REM sleep 9.

Sleep loss can have a profound impact on both emotional function and normal thinking abilities in healthy individuals, resulting in: All the rats were tested on the same maze over and over, the next day the rats that were allowed REM sleep were able to finish the maze, and get better times than the sleep deprived rats 7.

In a float tank, the theta state can last for several minutes without the subject losing consciousness. Despite this, do keep the following metaphor from Dr. We need sleep for clear thinking, normal reactions and the creation of memories.

What a Lack of Sleep Does to You

After the Parker Report ofthese techniques were formally abandoned by the United Kingdom as aids to the interrogation of paramilitary suspects. Read on to learn exactly how sleep deprivation affects specific body functions and systems. When compared with students attending schools with earlier start times, the students reported getting higher grades.

However, although Julian crawls into bed right on schedule, he finds that he is still completely alert and awake, and lies in bed all the way until 3: Levels drop in the early morning before we wake. Share your thoughts and post your comments below.

Sample Cause and Effect Essay on Sleep Deprivation

On the contrary, flotation REST was seen as more of a recreational tool as it was tested more for its use with stress-related disorders, pain reduction and insomnia.

Remember still that Drowsiness Is Red Alert. In cases of sleep emergencies prolonged, unwanted DSPS is definitely a sleep emergency they are there to help you put out the fire. It is important to limit the dosage and try to use non-medicinal measures where possible.

Your brain forges new connections and helps memory retention. You can add a caption using the second white box below. It's important to note before moving forward that this article and the anecdotes within are targeted towards delayed sleep phases in students and adolescents.

If a bus driver has to drop students off at the high school and then pick up young kids for elementary school, delayed school start times would affect this schedule.

What a Lack of Sleep Does to You

It can have the following impact: The addition of Epsom salts to attain the desired specific gravity may have a therapeutic effect on hypertonic muscles.

This article weighs pros and cons nicely, laying out the major arguments for and against later school start times for children, especially adolescents.

Health Risks

Title of the Piece Sleep Deprivation and its Effects on Today's Teenagers Content This essay was written on a research based topic. This essay discusses the recent problem of sleep deprivation.

This paper will present the effects and possible links to certain diseases related to sleep deprivation, and how to prevent sleep deprivation from occurring. Causes. The average person needs 7 (+- 2) hours of sleep a night to function regularly (“A Good Nights Sleep” ).

To. The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Elderly Concerning Physiological and Emotional Stability Brock Rodgers Loma Linda University School of Nursing Introduction Sleep is.

This essay will look at the meaning of sleep and sleep deprivation and the basic perspectives on what motivates sleep and sleep deprivation with the five perspectives; evolutionary, psychodynamic, behaviourist, cognitive and the hierarchy of needs. Not getting enough sleep can affect your mood, memory and health in far-reaching and surprising ways, says Johns Hopkins sleep researcher Patrick Finan, Ph.D.

Learn more about the effects of sleep deprivation. Download the infographic as a PDF. Do you know the difference between a .

Effects of sleep deprivation essay
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Sleep deprivation: Causes, symptoms, and treatment