Competitive advantage of arcelor mittal economics essay

Service Nucor is well liked by all. However, the pros of such a move could not be ignored since in case the deal succeeded the bank would emerge as a clear winner.

ArcelorMittal Porter Five Forces Analysis

The deal between Arcelor and Mittal was hence also extremely significant regarding the change in the way investment banks were perceived by the Continental European business community.

If England should have acquired such a degree of skill in manufactures, that, with any given portion of her capital, she could prepare a quantity of cloth, for which the Polish cultivator would give a greater quantity of corn, then she could, with the same portion of capital, raise from her own soil, then, tracts of her territory, though they should be equal, nay, even though they should be superior, to the lands in Poland, will be neglected; and a part of her supply of corn will be imported from that country.

In the steel industry, there is a moderate threat of new entrants for many reasons. However, it is interesting to note that event the French government and media shared this viewpoint. Where, the people in different regions of the world will embrace select customs as a part of doing business.

Ultimately the bank, after weighing the pros and cons of such a deal, decided to go ahead and support Mittal, which set an uncomfortable precedent in the relationships between banks and firms in Continental Europe Cagna, n.

This is done to make the company incompatible to the company that has made the hostile bid. Production with Specialization in the Comparative Advantage Good Cheese lbs Wine gals US 24 0 France 0 8 World Total 24 8 In order both countries to benefit from the increase in world production efficiency they have to be able trade with each other after specialization.

Once this occurs, is when we will have the greatest insights as to how Arcelor Mittal is able to use these areas to improve the reach of their organization around the world.

Europe minus UK or non-UK regions of Europe have been put forward to explain the differences in the level of their takeover activity. This is because there were a host of historical influences that had an impact on: Finally, the merger had been a cross-border acquisition which was one of the biggest deterring factors towards the success of the merger.

The company pursues a consistent strategy to reduce exposure to risk and cyclicality by using a three-dimensional strategy focusing on product diversity, geographic breadth, and vertical integration both upstream and downstream.

Evidence of this can be seen in the below graph that is comparing the growth of the AACIS unit's production with other divisions of the company by looking at the total amount of shipments.

Also funds have been found to finance even the hostile takeover moves by local banks, as is seen in the case of the Societe Generale bank in the Arcelor-Mittal takeover. In case of the Arcelor-Mittal takeover, the entry of the French bank Societe Generale is considered to be one of the turning points of the deal.

The deal was also significant in many other ways. Finally, the concept of comparative advantage became a crucial element of international political economy with the publication of Principles of Political Economy by John Stuart Mill in Succession management is vital in this environment is critical, employees need to possess certain competencies and skills to advance in the company, with this organizations invest in developing skills is part of the promotion policy.

The reasons for this are both due to rapid development in technology as well as the increase focus on globalization. This is because both the companies are operating and competing in the same kind of business activity i.

If both countries specialize their production in their comparative advantage product then world production would increase for both products. Consequently, Korea manage to form comparative advantage to steel mill industry. Performance managementis the process of creating a work environment or setting in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities.

They keep employees informed about company issues, and try to treat all employees as equal as possible. When someone is showing these signs, it is indicating that they are desperate or the deal is too good to be true.

This is accomplished by comparing cultural traditions of Belgium and South Africa using Arcelor Mittal. Once this occurs, is when we are able to understand how the firm is able to utilize these factors to give them an advantage in the global marketplace. ArcelorMittal supplies 45 percent of its own iron ore, which again is the main ingredient and 20 percent of its own cooking oil.

So they supply a nice amount of there own inputs so they don’t have to purchase from outside sources which increases total cost.

Comparative Advantage and Strategy The design of international strategies is structured on the interplay between the comparative advantages of countries and the competitive advantages of firms.

International operations management strategy of ArcelorMittal

These two advantages determine the answer to the two principal questions in international strategy. ssPorter’s 5 forces analysis for Arcelor Mittal 1.

Competitive rivalry: which of Porter's Three Generic strategies you will use as you rebuild The Broadway Cafe for the 21st century Competitive Advantage To survive and thrive, an organization must create a competitive advantage.

Porters 5 Forces Essay switching is low, then this. Lakshmi Mittal and the Growth of Mittal Steel For MGMT International Business Submitted by Djenane Jeanty Mittal Steel was able to avoid delay and take advantage of the benefits that come with a recognized market presence.

Essay on Arcelor Mittal - a Take over Story. The geographically diverse portfolio of mining assets allows the company to supply the developing world as well as its own steel facilities.

As most of the mines are also in close proximity to the group’s steel plants, the own production provides a competitive advantage for the company.

Competitive advantage of arcelor mittal economics essay
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